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We just completed 3 amazing Grand Ronde River trout trips. The Grande Ronde is a free flowing river no dams so you get what mother nature gives you. This year it was perfection; on trip #1 we saw 2,500cfs and hit the salmon fly hatch dead center. We had three wonderful trips great guest and awesome fishing, I can’t wait to go back next year!

Right now we are on our last Deschutes Trout trip, we are excepting hot weather 95-105 degree weather, good caddis weather, I believe this is going to be a good trip.

Next we move to the Rogue River. 🙂 The Rogue is flowing at over 2,000csf good water flow. Our first trip is July 4th and we are all excited about seeing a different river and these splash and giggle trips are great. Don’t let the media over shadow what can be a great vacation for you and your family, so come join us and cool down on the Rogue River. (LEARN MORE HERE)

Call Tina Im sure we can find a spot for you and your family.

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Last Rogue Fall fishing season was as good as it gets for half pounders.  I wrote and told guests that historically we have a good Adult run after a good half pounder run.  Well here it is!  There have already been more Adult steelhead counted as of August 29th than all year last season.




That is not the best news though, The half pounder counts are equal with last year, we should be looking at one amazing fishing season in the Rogue Canyon this fall and we are ready!






Guess what another big half pounder run this year means? We should have another great Adult run next year so much to look forward to. 🙂




Give Tina a call for last minute 2014 dates and book early for next years projected great season!

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We get asked this question all the time while fishing the Rogue River;

exactly what is a half pounder?

A nice article in the Salmon and Steelhead Journal was written about “half pounder fishing” on the Rogue River. Craig was quoted a number of times throughout this article.








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Hello from the Rogue River

8100721469_1d9d1b69baAnyone who has lived in Oregon very long knows this was an abnormal September to say the least. We have had a tremendous rain event, wind, rain, river up, down, up, down. Even with all that is has been the best steelhead half pound fishing I have ever experienced, many of the half pounder are 17 to 19 inches and 2 to 3 pounds, fat healthy which is good to see.

Next year is a long way away but if history proves true we should have amazing adult steelhead fishing. 🙂

Book early for 2014 Rogue River Canyon Fall Fishing!

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A note from Craig about the Rogue River Fishery:

“Hello, I hope this finds you well. I wanted to inform you about the steelhead infestation the Rogue River is experiencing at this time.

ODFW has a seine net that they operate 3 days a week 8 miles upriver from Gold Beach. This net catches a very small percentage of migrating fish about 2%, but it allows ODFW to tag,scale sample and estimate run size. The 10 year average on half pounders is 1239 counted through Nov. 1st at this point they have counted 1672 as of August 7th. Adult steelhead 10 year average is 318 and of August 7th there has been 92, remember those counts only reflect about 2% of the annual numbers.

Peek counts occur in early September and good numbers of fish are counted thru Oct.

In short this is going to be an amazing steelhead fishing season, we still have a few open dates available for this season; Sept 2-4, Sept 7-9, Sept 17-19, and Oct 22-24. I hope you can enjoy what looks to be a record breaking steelhead season.”

Give Tina a call and lets go fishing! 🙂

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4465430798_0f10493b54_bSo far Steelhead fishing has been good and I expect it will only to get better as Oregon’s late winter storms roll in. I will be fishing for Steelhead  through March then I will move to Spring Chinook on the Willamette and Columbia in April and early May.

We will start our Deschutes River Trout season in mid-May, bookings look good, however we still have June 9-11 and June 12-14 this week is a great week for trout fishing. The Deschutes is one of our most popular fly fishing trips, if you are a fly angler and have not fished the Deschutes you really owe it to yourself to.

After last year it’s not hard to look forward to July and August Rogue rafting season. We finally had a real summer in Southern Oregon. The Rogue is a special river with all it has to offer but when you mix Rogue River rafting and a Southern Oregon summer it’s a one of a kind river experience, I can’t wait!

5201853326_983e8498c6_bA great summer rolled into an even better fall last year. The weather was great, water levels were favorable and fishing for half pounds was excellent. Salmon and steelhead fishing was good also but the half pounders stole the show. Historically a good half pounder year is followed by a good adult steelhead year; this simply gives me more to look forward to. As a guide I am truly blessed, I have the chance to travel through Oregon fishing the great rivers Oregon has to offer at the time of year they produce the best. Sometimes my time on the river is to short this only means that I’ll look forward to it more next year.

We are extremely fortunate to have the same crew returning this year, they are all really good people and each one of them brings something special to each river trip. They all do their best to keep me in line or drive me nuts not sure sometimes. I am lucky to get to work with professional quality guides.

Where are we and when?

  • February- March: Winter Steelhead fishing, central Oregon coast, primarily the Siletz River.
  • April-mid-May: Spring Chinook salmon up on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers
  • May-July: Fly Fishing for the World famous Deschutes Resides
  • June-July: Trout fishing Grand Ronde river wilderness
  • July-August: Wilderness White Water rafting trips on the Rogue River
  • August: Fly Fishing Lower Deschutes River summer steelhead
  • Sept – Nov: 3- 4 day Rogue River Wilderness steelhead and salmon fishing trips
  • September: Fall Chinook fishing Rogue and Coquille
  • October: One day steelhead fishing Rogue River

Please call if you should have any questions about any of the trips mentioned above, we will be more than happy to help 1-888-767-3144.

Your Hosts,
Craig & Tina

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Rogue River Outfitters new youtube video “Oregon Fishing” has been posted. The expressions on our clients faces… well that is what it is all about! 🙂

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