Last Rogue Fall fishing season was as good as it gets for half pounders.  I wrote and told guests that historically we have a good Adult run after a good half pounder run.  Well here it is!  There have already been more Adult steelhead counted as of August 29th than all year last season.




That is not the best news though, The half pounder counts are equal with last year, we should be looking at one amazing fishing season in the Rogue Canyon this fall and we are ready!






Guess what another big half pounder run this year means? We should have another great Adult run next year so much to look forward to. :)




Give Tina a call for last minute 2014 dates and book early for next years projected great season!

We get asked this question all the time while fishing the Rogue River;

exactly what is a half pounder?

A nice article in the Salmon and Steelhead Journal was written about “half pounder fishing” on the Rogue River. Craig was quoted a number of times throughout this article.









Hello from the Willamette,

Tina and I hope this finds you well. Since mid-January our weather patterns have been somewhat normal. My winter steelhead season was one of the best I have had in 3-4 years.

I’m just wrapping up my Columbia, Willamette, spring Chinook Salmon season. Once the water warmed to 48 degrees in the Columbia fishing was unbelievable, in the Columbia that is. It’s comforting to know that even in 2014 we can have huge fish runs (let’s just hope man does not screw it up somehow). Spring fishing in the Willamette has been fair we are catching fish everyday but not the numbers we would like to see. I have 2 weeks left then we are off to the Deschutes River!

deschutesEverything looks good for the Deschutes. I think we are going to see favorable water levels and our weather patterns appear to be normal, these are both key for good bug hatches, which relates to trout on your fly.

We always look forward to our Deschutes season. I love the river, and the fishery. Most of our guest have become friends and I always look forward to seeing them and of course my crew; Bob, Guy, Andrew ,Johnny and Harry. We have 3 prime dates available; June 4-6 (great salmon fly date). June 11-13 and June 29-July 1st (both great caddis fly dates). Don’t miss this great trout fishing opportunity. The Deschutes is Oregon’s greatest trout fishing opportunity, so come and join us on the Deschutes River.

7494173032_d450dfe061_bWe also have 3 Grande Ronde River trips scheduled this June and as always we look forward to fishing the Grande Ronde. When the river is right it’s some of the best trout fishing we get to experience throughout the year. It’s also a beautiful river with spectacular camp sites and views, for me and crew it is truly a joy to be able to float and fish the Grande Ronde. We do have availability for late June or early July.

Don’t forget that summer is just around the corner and if you have not done so, please check out http://www.rrotrips.com for Rogue River fishing and Rafting opportunities.

Your hosts,
Tina & Craig

For more information on any of our trips call Tina 888-767-3144

PS. If you want to see all that we do visit http://www.rrotrips.com

Hello from the Rogue River

8100721469_1d9d1b69baAnyone who has lived in Oregon very long knows this was an abnormal September to say the least. We have had a tremendous rain event, wind, rain, river up, down, up, down. Even with all that is has been the best steelhead half pound fishing I have ever experienced, many of the half pounder are 17 to 19 inches and 2 to 3 pounds, fat healthy which is good to see.

Next year is a long way away but if history proves true we should have amazing adult steelhead fishing. :)

Book early for 2014 Rogue River Canyon Fall Fishing!

A note from Craig about the Rogue River Fishery:

“Hello, I hope this finds you well. I wanted to inform you about the steelhead infestation the Rogue River is experiencing at this time.

ODFW has a seine net that they operate 3 days a week 8 miles upriver from Gold Beach. This net catches a very small percentage of migrating fish about 2%, but it allows ODFW to tag,scale sample and estimate run size. The 10 year average on half pounders is 1239 counted through Nov. 1st at this point they have counted 1672 as of August 7th. Adult steelhead 10 year average is 318 and of August 7th there has been 92, remember those counts only reflect about 2% of the annual numbers.

Peek counts occur in early September and good numbers of fish are counted thru Oct.

In short this is going to be an amazing steelhead fishing season, we still have a few open dates available for this season; Sept 2-4, Sept 7-9, Sept 17-19, and Oct 22-24. I hope you can enjoy what looks to be a record breaking steelhead season.”

Give Tina a call and lets go fishing! :)

This time of year our crew will split duties. Craig heads to the lower deschutes to hunt the alusive Deschutes steelhead and our awesome RRO rafting crew continues to run our classic Rogue rafting adventures.

deschutes1Craig reported in from the Deschutes yesterday:

“I’m starting the first leg of my Lower Deschutes steelhead trips. I’ll be on the Lower Deschutes for the most part of August. Our first trip has been unbelievable, we went 5 for 5 on our first evening. Anyone that has fly fished for steelhead (on the deschutes especially) understands how incredible that is.

I’m also really looking forward to is our Rogue Fall fishing trips, there are a lot of Chinook and silver salmon in the ocean. Summer steelhead look strong as well.

deschutes2It’s a mild to low water year for the Rogue. Our methods of fishing with flies and plugs seem to do better in the low water years. I have a great crew who I look forward to working with. I know we are going to have a great fall.”

As the Rogue begins to reopen, Craig will remain on the Deschutes. There are a few days still available with Craig as steelhead hunt continues. Between Aug 13th – 21st ~ All signs point to a season you should not miss.

Give Tina a Call for dates and rates 1-888-767-3144. :)

Rogue River Rafting
4515468692_a1c4223cef_oTina and I just spent the past few days in Merlin picking up our new paddle raft and organizing our rafting equipment.  It was 91 sunny and the river was beautiful. Flowers along the river bank were in bloom and the canyon was calling like a huge magnet pulling on me.  It was hard to drive away.

4438870020_75450662e7_bFor the next 7 weeks we will be on the Deschutes River Fly fishing for trout, with present weather and water conditions it should be a great season. We have one open date in June and one in July come join the fun.

Right now the beauty of the Rogue is still etched in my mind.  4379739035_41daa00539_bI am looking forward to what should be one of the best raft season we have had in years.  We have great dates and a variety of trip options available, so come splash and giggle with us.

Give Tina a call @ 1-888-767-3144 For More Information.


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